The Wilson Method

wilson-methodHearing Specialty Group uses a unique system of providing patient care and hearing aid fittings. Complete patient care is at the heart of the “Wilson Method.” From the time you enter our office, you are greeted with the friendly face of someone who cares. You are seated in a comfortable environment while being assisted by our helpful staff.

You meet your audiologist in a timely manner. Your audiologist will conduct an in-depth history that includes both communicative and medical concerns. Most importantly, the audiologist will discuss your lifestyle. We want to know who you are and make recommendations based upon your individual listening needs and environments.

We then perform a thorough audiological evaluation. Utilizing “state of the art” diagnostic and testing equipment, we are able to identify if hearing loss is present and what is causing the impairment.

We counsel you based upon the results of the hearing evaluation and your personal history. Our audiologists are knowledgeable with all levels of hearing technology and will make recommendations based upon your lifestyle needs…not necessarily the most expensive device. Patient affordability is always a consideration of the “Wilson Method.”

During the fitting process, our audiologists utilize a fitting protocol that is unique to Hearing Specialty Group. This protocol begins with the knowledge that every ear is physically different. Therefore, each ear causes a very different response from the hearing aid. Our audiologists use advanced equipment to measure the exact response of the hearing aid while in the patient’s ear. This measurement is used to adjust the hearing aid based upon a specific fitting calculation created by Gregory Wilson, M.S., FAAA, CCC-A. This fitting calculation is unique to Hearing Specialty Group and is responsible for far greater success  rate than national standards.

During the adjustment period, the patient will be seen every 1 to 2 weeks for follow-up adjustments and to discuss specific needs. FOLLOW-UP CARE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF A HEARING AID FITTING. The audiologist needs to understand your “real world” experiences and will make adjustments based upon those experiences. All adjustments during the next year are included in the price of the hearing aid.


Complete satisfaction, dramatic improvement in communication, greater confidence in social environments, no audio feedback, comfort in the ear, happy family members, ease of telephone use, complete confidence in your audiologist, professionals and staff that you enjoy seeing…and enjoy seeing you! Because of our superior fitting process with the Wilson Method, we offer a 90-day trial period. If the patient is not satisfied, we provide a full refund for the price of the hearing aid.

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