Hearing Services

Our mission is to provide “Excellence in Hearing Healthcare” through a personalized commitment to our patient’s communicative and auditory needs. We believe follow-up care and listening to our patients are critical to this mission. Our care always includes a satisfaction guarantee (90 day trial period) and access to the most innovative hearing technology.

Hearing Specialty Group is a premier provider of hearing healthcare in the state of Maryland. Our patients are diverse: surgeons, legislators, pastors, roofers, musicians, teachers, students, truck drivers, law enforcement, homemakers, and more. Because of our expertise, patients travel from as far as Western Maryland, Pennsylvania and the Eastern Shore to receive our hearing services. We perform infant screenings at prominent Maryland hospitals, free hearing screenings, and evaluate and treat balance and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Our hearing aid patients experience the highest quality hearing healthcare at an affordable rate. We accept a wide variety of insurances, including Medicare. Our caring providers are vital to the treatment of your hearing impairment. We believe our hearing services change people’s lives.

Good hearing healthcare is essential to quality of life. Appropriate treatment of a hearing impairment can lead to a greater enjoyment of personal and professional communication. In seeking treatment for hearing loss, patients may avoid side effects such as depression and changes in social behavior.

Newborns and Infants
Good hearing is essential to the language development of infants and young children. Hearing Specialty Group offers extensive services in pediatric audiology such as newborn and infant hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting for young children with hearing loss.

Children and Adolescents
Poor grades, inattentiveness, and behavioral problems can be symptoms of an undetected hearing loss or central auditory disorder. An evaluation from our highly trained audiologists can confirm if an auditory problem exists and begin appropriate intervention.

Hearing Services provided by Hearing Specialty Group

Free Hearing Screening
Hearing Aid Evaluation
Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting
Hearing Aid Repairs
Hearing Aid Batteries
Hearing Protection
Audiometiric (Hearing) Evaluation
Tympanometry (middle ear) Assessment
Auditory Brainstem Evoked Response Assessment (BSAER)
Auditory Steady State Evoked Response (ASSR)
Central Auditory Processing
Cerumen (ear wax ) Removal
Electronystagmography (ENG)
Visualnystagmography (VNG)
Otoacoustic Emissions Assessment
Tinnitus Treatment
Vestibular (dizziness) rehabilitation

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