90 Day Risk Free Trial

We deliver results.

Our exclusive Wilson Method allows us to offer a 90 Day Risk Free Trial for all hearing aids that we fit. By asking the right questions up front and conducting a thorough evaluation and measurement, our hearing specialists provide the best possible solution for our patient’s hearing loss. We are so confident that our solution will meet or exceed expectations, we offer a full refund during the 90 Day Risk Free Trial period.

90 Day Risk Free Trial for Hearing Aids

Treating hearing loss is a big commitment, but with our 90 day risk free trial, if for some reason the patient is not satisfied with the results from our prescribed digital hearing solutions, we offer a complete refund for the hearing instruments. With no risk to the patient, there are no excuses to delay treating hearing loss. There is no fine print to read, no disclaimers, only satisfied patients. Set an appointment today, 410-590-9462,  and begin your journey to hearing better with Hearing Specialty Group.